Who we are

Who we are

We are an independent research lab pushing the boundaries of knowledge.

Harnessing cognitive science, information science, computer science, and complexity science, we pioneer solutions in accelerated expertise, knowledge system advancement, and AI-assisted sensemaking.

Our services

Education on Personal Knowledge Management 

Discover the tools and strategies to curate, connect, and leverage your knowledge effectively to boost your:

  • Understanding & articulation
  • Synthesis quality 
  • Overall intellectual productivity

Consulting on Knowledge Systems

We bring a multidisciplinary lens to optimize your knowledge flow. From information architecture to collaborative workflows, we'll design tailored solutions that make your teams smarter and more efficient.

AI-based Learning Solution Development

The future of learning is here: powered by AI, designed for humans.
We craft intelligent learning solutions that adapt to individual needs and accelerate mastery. Our expertise in AI, cognitive science, and learning design ensures transformative educational experiences.